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Nimbus Quake Warriors

nQw is one of the oldest and most respected romanian gaming clans, with a presence in the 3D shooter online games field, now focused on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
Established in 2006, our clan's mission was finding and training gamers capable of excellence, dedicated to decency, mutual respect, fair-play and the joy of playing, aiming to a honorable position in Romanian and European gaming community.

We were the very first romanian clan to bring out to the public a distinct set of regulations for member admissions, and the only clan, up untill now, to explicitly prohibit cheats and offensive language to clanmembers.
Sounds incredible? We do take these rules very seriously.

nQw is an active member of the Enemy Territory community, it promotes the ETPro mod and takes part in local and international competitions.
For every Nations Cup event there were one or two nQw members playing for the Romanian national team.

===> We are here to rock your world ! <===

Clan rules   RecruitmentActive clanmembers:

Wussie - founding member - clan leader - plays Q3 and ET
Tiger / eXelero - founding member - squad leader - plays Q3 and ET
Blade / Gruesome - founding member - plays Q3 and ET
Molokai / Happy - member - plays ET
SpeedyBlur - member - plays Q3 and ET
Tifos - member - plays ET
Spitfire - member - plays ET
Danutza - member - plays ET
Rhino - member - plays ET
Guest64539 - member - plays Q3 and ET
Trin - member - plays ET
Skyz - member - plays ET

Gruesome's latest fragmovie

Gruesome's Rifle Kills - WATCH IN HD


This list will be maintained with additions and withdrowals, as well as rank changes.


[ Type: wolfet ] [ Game: nitmod ]
10 / 64